Clean 9

Patented, Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel is `essentially identical' to the fresh Gel of the leaf, and it was the first to receive certification by the International Aloe Science Council. Our patented stabilised Aloe Vera Gel is "essentially identical" to the fresh gel of the leaf. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals including the rare B12 one of only two vegetable sources available which makes it a must for vegetarians and vegans.

Pack Contents:

  • 3 Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 Vanilla Forever Lite
  • 1 Garcinia Plus
  • 1 Bee Pollen
  • Literature:
  • 1 Forever Lite Shaker
  • 1 Measuring Tape
  • Clean & Lean leaflet
  • 1 Clean 9 Booklet